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I will be losing my internet soon, so you won't hear from me for awhile but I will be writing and such as long as I have electricity... So, if you have anything to say or anything please say it now.
The sun rose over the tall buildings of the now waking city of Coruscant, a woman stood looking out from a platform. Her sigh seemed to suggest that she still had tears in her eyes but tried hard to hold them in. She felt a hand grab her shoulder, she turned to see a trooper. She smiled, though, the smile soon faded as he took off the helmet, their eyes met and she turned away, it was not the trooper she was hoping it was.

The trooper frowned, he understood her feelings, he too missed him. The feeling in the air was cold and at moments even unwelcoming, but he stayed and even approached her. 'I am sorry I am late...' He stated as he wrapped his arms around her.

The woman tried hard to hold back her tears as she wrapped her arms around him. She dug her head into his chest, she didn't dare to say a single word, neither did he. They stood there, in each others embrace, quietly. The woman felt tears land on her head, she  looked up to see the troopers eyes closed and the tears still streaming down from them. She reached up and wiped away the tears, the trooper opened his now red eyes that seemed to state his emotions of sadness.

'Boil...' she said, her voice seemed careful. She did not want him to think she was being cruel or unemotional, though, Boil knew every well that her simple act of acknowledgment of him was enough. Her {e/c} seemed to beg him to stop his tears which he could not do.

As he gasped for air with every breath he drew, his tears seemed to hurt him even more and they seemed to hurt her as well. They sat at the edge of the platform, she held him close as his cries grew louder and even heavier. She fought to keep her tears from rising, soon her tears fell. The thought of him made their hearts hurt, this kind of pain wouldn't be easy to get over.

The man wasn't some random clone brethren that both could get over within a thirty-six-hour timeline. The man was important, he was a lover to {Name} and a true brother to Boil, the troopers absence was noticed and felt by both.

'I miss him so much.' her voice was cracked, she had closed her eyes as the light hit them. Boil watched as her tears shined in the light and on the spur of the moment, Boil had gently moved {Name}'s head, she opened her eyes to be met with his brown ones. He was an inch away from her, his eyes scanned her face. He was looking for some kind of sign, something to stop him, but his body moved forward and their lips met.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds but to them it seemed to have lasted longer, {Name} stood up and frowned at Boil, who stood up as well. {Name}'s look was mixed, but the most dominant emotion that finally stayed on her face was disgust.

'Why would you do that?!' she yelled at Boil, he yelled out to state that she did not tell him to stop. {Name} was angry, she moved her arms around as he grabbed her and held her.

'I'm sorry...'
Clone Trooper Boil 'The Grieving'
This can be taken as the following or before the story '… ' but yeah, I am really bad at this..
I need help creating a story for Boil.
Waxer woke up in a clear white room, at least he thought it was. He stood up looking around the so-called room. He remembered nothing other than talking to a Captain, but he felt cold as if he had been sleeping on snow for a long period of time. His breathing was heavy, he felt the feeling of loneliness as he looked all over. There were no walls, no ceiling nothing stating that he was in a room or even outside for that matter, he began to scream for Boil and many other brothers he knew even for his beloved {Name}.

Soon, the whiteness changed and it turned into many shades of blue, voices of his brothers along with {Name}'s could be heard before he knew it his feet were moving toward the sounds more so toward his beloved. His heart started to race, not only from the rate of speed he was running at but to see {Name}. He wanted to run into her arms and for her to hold him, to tell him that it was a dream of some kind and everything was going to be okay.

A doorway opened and he reached out but as he reached out he tripped and slid into the light, a sense of warmth covered him. When he stood up he was in a room. He knew this room every well, it was {Name}'s room and, in fact, she was sitting on top of the bed.

His eyes looked her over, he frowned when she did not run into his arms which he held out. His arms dropped when he saw her crying and holding his helmet. He went to approach, asking what was wrong, he heard nothing but her screaming his name along with hurtful words he did not dare to repeat.

He sat beside her, looking at his hands and then to her, his eyes filled with sadness he wondered if he had done something wrong. He watched as she crawled up into a ball holding his helmet. He reached out for her, he gently touched her arm, the attraction made her move her small and thin fingers to where his hand was. His eyes widen when he watched her finger move through his hand. He quickly stood up and backed away not believing what had just happened.

'She is a hologram... Yeah..' his tone seemed to betray him.

The door opened, Waxer turned and saw it was Boil, holding a tray of food, Boil walked past Waxer. He seemed to be upset as well, he sat where Waxer just was, he began to speak. Waxer could not hear anything that was being said, but he tried hard to listen in or even get his best friends' attention.

Waxer watched as Boil placed the tray on the opposite bed and bent down to look at {Name}s in her big {E/C}s that were red from crying, his actions seemed to say that he was trying to comfort her.

Boil's words seemed to fail, when Waxer saw Boil rubbed {Name]'s shoulder Waxer moved closer to see if he could hear them better but something had made him stop, the feeling  of being dragged toward a door that was bright and had appeared moments earlier.

'No, I do not want to leave...' he stated as his tone was filled with a desire to comfort her and his best friend.

The feeling became stronger, and he repeated himself, but he had finally come to terms with something that he was never able to tell {Name}. He wanted to tell her that he loved her, but he seemed to understand that he was no longer apart of this world and it wasn't his place to bother them. He stayed until both Boil and {Name} were asleep, Waxer watched for hours as his friend tried to make her stop crying and when they finally fell asleep he thought it would be good to give her one last kiss before he went.

He got up from the other bed that was across from hers, he kneeled down in front of her. His once bright brown eyes that were once filled with life were now dark.

His eyes seemed to show every thought and feeling he had,
wanting and though, he could ever truly touch her again he gently placed his lips upon her forehead and kissed her, he gently brushed away a piece of hair that had moved when he had kissed her, he whispered 'I love you {Name}'.

He stayed kneeling before her, he truly wanted to feel her warm embrace but knew better and he stood up, he looked at her once more. He wanted to remember this moment as it is the last thing he could hold on too. He felt tears rise in his eyes, fighting to keep them at bay, but the door appeared once more but this time he did not fight it.

'Take good care of her...Boil.'
Clone Trooper Waxer (Looking in from above)

What can I say, it took me forever to write this. I mean, he was an amazing character that has little to no attention.

I thought, maybe he loved someone, besides his brothers. Someone he could never see again, someone he truly thought he would around for.
I will be losing my internet soon, so you won't hear from me for awhile but I will be writing and such as long as I have electricity... So, if you have anything to say or anything please say it now.


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United States
I am and undeiceded author and-some sort of artiest... though I do like random things and going off topic-probably what I am doing as of right now......
I do have a 'blog' and i write about clones-though it's very bothersome when people want you to write about ninjas....

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